Development Resources

Libraries & SDKs

Software libraries and Software Development Kits that provide foundational code for building Lightning Network applications.


Complete implementation of a Lightning Network node, includes a set of developer-friendly tools and APIs.


Lightweight and highly customizable Lightning Network node implementation, written in C.


Offers a suite of developer tools for integrating Lightning Network payments into applications, making it easier to send and receive Bitcoin instantly.


Highly modular Bitcoin Lightning library written in Rust.


Scala implementation of the Lightning Network, focused on performance and extensibility.


Flutter library for LDK Node, a ready-to-go Lightning node library built using LDK and BDK.


Java-based framework that provides easy-to-use Lightning Network API bindings.


GitHub repository featuring a collection of tools and scripts for channel management, fee calculation, and data analysis on the Lightning Network.


Desktop app that simplifies setting up local Bitcoin Lightning networks for application development and testing.


Trust-minimized exchange built on the Lightning and Bitcoin networks.


Lightning Node Connect npm module for the web.


Collection of helpful building blocks and tools to develop Bitcoin Lightning web apps.


Designed to simplify the process of connecting Lightning wallets to web applications providing a single payment button and a user-friendly UI.


Minimalistic wallet GUI library for c-lightning.


A pure Dart library used for creating DLCs (Descreet Log Contracts).


A testing toolkit for the Lightning Network protocol.


APIs & Payments

Tools and platforms that facilitate the integration of Lightning payments in applications.


Simple and powerful REST API that enables businesses and developers to seamlessly accept Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments within their applications.

Platform offering various services to enable easy Lightning Network transactions, including a set of APIs for developers to integrate Lightning payments into their apps.

Payment gateway that allows businesses to accept Lightning Network payments effortlessly, providing an API for seamless integration.

Drop-in solution for accepting Lightning payments, built on top of c-lightning.

Simple way to connect your Node JS application to LN Markets.

RESTful HTTP API for cryptocurrency swaps, offering functionalities like querying supported pairs and creating or monitoring swap transactions.

Provides a standardized API for Lightning Network interactions within web applications, enabling easy integration for browser-based services.

Set of Lightning Network protocol extensions to simplify various types of LN transactions.

Lightning wallet and accounts system offering various tools and extensions for enhanced usability.

Open-source Chaumian ecash system built for Bitcoin and tightly integrated into the Lightning Network.

Go middleware for monetizing your API on a per-request basis with Bitcoin and Lightning.

Transact USD over Lightning without stablecoins or fiat integration, originally created by Galoy.

Simple privacy tool that makes invoices more private by obfuscating the destination or origin of their payments.

LSPs & Enterprise

Enterprise-grade tools and services designed for businesses wanting to integrate and harness the power of the Lightning network.


Offers an enterprise-grade, hosted non-custodial Lightning node service that simplifies Lightning operations for businesses, emphasizing low operational costs and high scalability while retaining user control over funds​.

Provides enterprise-grade Lightning nodes and infrastructure with features like Lightning Service Providers (LSP), advanced analytics, and node management tools, tailored for businesses seeking robust Lightning network integration.

Enterprise-grade lightning node management infrastructure for payment processors, LSPs or exchanges.

Specializes in enterprise-grade Lightning Network solutions, focusing on seamless Bitcoin investment and management services, catering specifically to businesses looking for integrated financial services in the Bitcoin space.

An enterprise-grade Lightning Network service provider featuring a unique global liquidity marketplace and LNURL integration, aimed at businesses seeking efficient payment channels and liquidity management solutions​.

Focused on advancing enterprise-grade payment solutions using the Lightning Network aiming to innovate in digital payments through Bitcoin technology.

Dashboards & Monitoring

Comprehensive sets of web-based and text-based interfaces designed to simplify the management and monitoring of Lightning Network nodes.


Web-based interface to manage your Lightning Node.

Web-based interface to manage Lightning node operations for LND, c-lightning, and Eclair.

Simple web-based dashboard for monitoring the status and activity of your LND Lightning Network node.

Text-mode channel management and monitoring tool for the Lightning Network, intended for use in terminal or console applications.

Provides enterprise-grade solutions for Lightning node management, liquidity, and observability.

Routing & Liquidity

Tools and services focused on managing the routing of payments and the liquidity of Lightning channels.


Easy way to move funds between the Lightning Network and the Bitcoin blockchain.

A toolkit for managing channels and routing payments on the Lightning Network.

All-in-one platform by Lightning Labs that provides a visual interface for managing Lightning channels and liquidity.

Platform that facilitates Lightning Network channel swaps, allowing users to improve the connectivity and routing efficiency of their nodes.

Service that allows anyone to get an empty Lightning channel opened to them from Bitrefill's node on the Lightning network.

One of the largest Lightning Service Providers offering increased liquidity for businesses and services on the Lightning network.

Simulation tool for the Lightning Network, designed to facilitate testing of lightning applications and protocol changes under realistic network conditions.


Software used to spend bitcoin on top of the Lightning Network.


Known for its clean interface and advanced features, Zap offers a cross-platform experience for Lightning Network users.

iOS, Android & Desktop

Focuses on delivering a seamless Lightning Network experience with features like a Point of Sale mode and automatic channel management.

iOS, Android

Mobile Lightning Network wallet that allows you to connect to your own node, providing a full suite of node management features from your mobile device.

iOS, Android

Designed for simplicity and ease of use, Phoenix is a non-custodial wallet that handles both on-chain and Lightning transactions.

iOS, Android

Browser extension wallet for the Lightning Network, designed to facilitate easy online payments and interactions with web-based services.


Web-first Bitcoin wallet that emphasizes self-custody and privacy allowing users to run a full Lightning node directly on their device rather than relying on external servers.


Additional Research

Additional research and analysis advancing our understanding of the lightning network including network insights, privacy research, experimental development projects and more.


A resource dedicated to explaining and updating Lightning Network splicing, a process that allows for resizing Lightning channels to improve liquidity, privacy and scalability.

Website providing detailed information on the latest research around privacy and the Lightning network such as Channel Coinjoins, Blinded Paths, Trampoline Routing and more.

Article written in 2021 exploring the current state of privacy in the Lightning Network, discussing the intricacies of UTXOs in public and private channels, and the privacy implications for both receivers and senders of Lightning transactions.