Resources For Bitcoin & Lightning


Podcasts in audio or video format that focus on discussions, interviews, and educational content about Bitcoin and/or Lightning Network development.


Technical discussions and explanations of Bitcoin software development updates.

Dives deep into technical discussions about Bitcoin, presented by Bitcoin Optech.

Podcast by Chaincode Labs that focuses specifically on Bitcoin development.

Bitcoin Magazine's Technical editor Aaron van Wirdum teams up with Bitcoin core contributor Sjors Provoost to explain the technical aspects of Bitcoin.

Interactive live show about bitcoin and freedom tech.

Includes technical deep dives and developer interviews among its broader Bitcoin coverage.

Delves into the world of Bitcoin featuring in-depth technical interviews and discussions with experts and enthusiasts.

Offers a variety of Bitcoin-related topics ranging from tutorials to deep technical discussions, making it a valuable resource for developers and enthusiasts alike.

Includes interviews with developers and others deeply involved in the technical aspects of Bitcoin.

Features discussions with prominent Bitcoin developers and contributors.


Physical or virtual events that gather industry experts, developers, and enthusiasts to discuss and learn about the latest in Bitcoin and/or Lightning Network development.


Annual event that brings together Bitcoin enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders for discussions, networking, and presentations on Bitcoin's future.

Technical conference where Bitcoin developers learn from each other and improve the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Developer-focused conference that offers talks, workshops, and networking opportunities centered around Bitcoin technology and development.

Conference aimed at gathering builders, developers, and entrepreneurs to discuss and collaborate on Bitcoin-related projects.

Invitation only developer events for hacking together on Bitcoin Core and related projects.

Event organized by MIT, focusing on the technical, entrepreneurial, and social aspects of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Community-driven conference that covers a broad range of topics related to Bitcoin, blockchain, and decentralized technologies.

Community-driven conference that covers a broad range of topics related to Bitcoin, blockchain, and decentralized technologies.

One of Europe's largest and most influential Bitcoin events, featuring a conference and expo that brings together top voices in the Bitcoin community.

Conference focusing on Bitcoin's unconfiscatable nature discussing topics such as financial sovereignty and security.

Conference aiming to explore and discuss various aspects of Bitcoin, its impact, and its potential in Africa.

BitDevs Meetups

Regular meetups in cities around the world that's focused on research and development of the Bitcoin protocol.

Title Location
BitDevs NYC

New York

SF Bitcoin Devs

San Francisco

Austin Bitcoin Devs


BitDevs LA

Los Angeles

Atlanta BitDevs


DC BitDevs

Washington, D.C.

Portland BitDevs


Chi BitDevs


Denver BitDevs


Seattle BitDevs


London BitDevs



Mailing lists, forums and chat rooms where developers and experts discuss technical aspects, propose changes, and share news about Bitcoin and/or Lightning Network development.


Primary mailing list for technical discussions and proposals related to Bitcoin protocol and software development.

Mailing List

Focuses on the development and protocol of the Lightning Network.

Mailing List

Freenode IRC chat channel used to coordinate development of the Bitcoin protocol and Bitcoin core reference software and to discuss operational matters about the Bitcoin network.


Telegram chat for technical discussions and proposals related to Bitcoin.


Question and answer site for Bitcoin users, developers, and enthusiasts.


Online discussion platform dedicated to exploring various aspects of Bitcoin.


One of the earliest and largest online forums dedicated to Bitcoin covering a wide range of technical aspects.


Community platform serving as a hub for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to collaborate, share ideas, and participate in challenges and hackathons focused on building and improving Bitcoin and Lightning Network applications and services.


Community-driven platform where developers and enthusiasts share articles, tutorials, and discussions focused on Bitcoin technology, development, and its applications.


Large online community platform where members engage in discussions, share news, and post information related to Bitcoin.

Social Network

Bitcoin / Lightning App developer community focused on education, collaboration, and building hard skills.


Decentralized network protocol for a distributed censorship-resistant social networking system.

Social Network

Competitions & Hackathons

Competitive events where programmers meet for collaborative development around the bitcoin protocol.


Hackathon bringing together innovators and developers focusing on encouraging creative and technical solutions within the Bitcoin space, offering participants an opportunity to showcase their skills and ideas in a competitive and collaborative environment.

Competitive program designed to support and showcase Bitcoin developers and entrepreneurs providing mentorship, exposure, and collaboration opportunities within the Bitcoin ecosystem, culminating in a competition where the top builder takes home a significant Bitcoin prize.

List of upcoming tournmanets on the website focused on building in the Bitcoin and Lightning Network ecosystems allowing developers to compete for prizes.

List of events on the Devpost website designed to bring together developers, designers, and enthusiasts to innovate and create new solutions in the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Platforms, repositories, and guidelines that enable developers to contribute code, documentation, or other resources to Bitcoin and Lightning Network projects.


Serves as a reference for Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs).

Users can review and edit technical transcripts associated with Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

Offers tax-deductible bug bounties for Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs) designed to incentivize research, development, and vetting of BIPs through a crowdsourced bounty system.

Facilitates crowd-funded bounties, allowing individuals to financially incentivize the Bitcoin community to solve challenges and complete tasks.

Official contributing guide on GitHub for the Bitcoin project, offering details on how to submit changes, report issues, and collaborate on development.

Resource on the website providing guidelines on how to contribute to Bitcoin Core, including coding, testing, and documentation.

Comprehensive guide for developers new to Bitcoin Core providing information and examples to help get you started.

Collection of writings and guides focused on helping interested developers start contributing to Bitcoin Core.

Medium article providing insights and tips for onboarding to Bitcoin Core development.

Blog post that provides an insightful guide on how to get started with contributing to open-source software projects, including those related to Bitcoin.


Projects and companies providing resources for developers focused on Bitcoin and Lightning projects in the form of crowdfunding, grants, venture capital and more.


Curated directory of Bitcoin developers seeking funding for their open-source work, aiming to connect them with sponsors.

Non-profit platform that allows individuals to directly fund open-source Bitcoin and Lightning Network contributors, facilitating more sustainable development.

Bitcoin-native crowdfunding platform where you can fund project ideas with the support from global communities.

Bitcoin crowdfunding platform where all donations go to a wallet under your contro with zero fees.

Decentralized platform that enables developers to get funded for their open-source contributions in Bitcoin projects.

Offers grants to Bitcoin developers working on improving the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Provides grants and fellowships to individuals contributing to open-source Bitcoin projects.

Provides grants and resources for developers who are making the Bitcoin network more private, decentralized, and resilient.

Provides funding to developers contributing to the free and open-source software that powers the Bitcoin network.

Provides funding to open-source developers contributing to cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Platform offering mentorship, resources, and funding to support entrepreneurs and startups in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Program designed to provide startups with access to Lightning Network infrastructure, offering credits and resources to help them grow.

Fund focused on investing in and supporting the next generation of market-defining Bitcoin companies.

Entrepreneurs investing in companies that improve financial security for all while providing equal access to wealth.

Bitcoin accelerator based in New York City, offering an 8-week program designed to transform ideas and early-stage companies into competitive and investable businesses in the realm of decentralized finance.


Job boards and platforms specifically tailored for people working in the Bitcoin industry.


Job board specifically tailored for opportunities in the Bitcoin industry, connecting employers with potential candidates.

Specialized job platform that connects employers and professionals in the Bitcoin industry.

Platform designed to connect businesses with freelance professionals who prefer to be paid in Bitcoin, fostering a community-driven marketplace centered around Bitcoin transactions.

Recruitment platform specializing in connecting talented professionals with opportunities in the Bitcoin industry.