Resources For Bitcoin & Lightning

Guides & Tutorials

Written or video-based educational materials that provide step-by-step instructions on specific topics related to Bitcoin and/or Lightning Network development.


The official developer guide from, offering comprehensive documentation on Bitcoin protocol and development best practices.

Informational website featuring a developer guide that covers Bitcoin's blockchain technology and its underlying protocols.

Educational website that aims to provide straightforward explanations and resources about the Bitcoin Core software project.

GitHub repository that curates a list of resources, tools, and libraries related to Bitcoin Core development.

Guide to basic blockchain programming, focusing on Bitcoin-related development.

Website providing tutorials, articles, and resources for developers interested in Bitcoin development.

Twitch stream and Youtube channel focused on helping you learn bitcoin and lightning development from industry professionals.

Offers comprehensive guides, tips, and educational content tailored for Bitcoin users, from beginners to advanced enthusiasts.

Educational resource featuring articles and tutorials about a variety of different categories in the Bitcoin space.

Open source engaging and educational platform designed offering a blend of technical text and code-based challenges suitable for those with basic coding skills, set in a futuristic narrative where the last bitcoin is nearing its mining in the year 2139.

Offers a collection of guides and step by step tutorials to help users understand bitcoin security and privacy.

Hub for Bitcoin-centric content, including articles, podcasts, and resources, dedicated to exploring the impact and evolution of Bitcoin.

GitHub repository offering a guide and examples on how to program Bitcoin applications using the BitcoinJS library.

Live and self-paced educational resources for learning to explore and play with bitcoin.

Provides an introduction to the foundational principles of Bitcoin through simple step-by-step guides.

Comprehensive online resource that provides guidance and best practices for securing Bitcoin wallets, transactions, and overall digital asset management.

Platform that aggregates various Lightning Network resources, news, and tools, aimed at educating and engaging the community.

Guide on how to build a Bitcoin Lightning-driven web application using the WebLN standard.

Comprehensive resource site created by Jameson Lopp, featuring articles, podcasts, guides and other educational material on Bitcoin.

Curated list of Bitcoin-only services and products, focusing on promoting a Bitcoin-centric ecosystem.

Notes, Docs & Specs

Technical information, historical documentation and open specifications used for reference by those working directly with the Bitcoin protocol.


Serves as a reference for Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs).

Educational platform designed to help users learn about Bitcoin technology and its history through a GPT Chatbot like interface.

Technical search platform developed by Chaincode Labs that aggregates high-quality technical information from various sources including Bitcoin Stach Exchange, Bitcoin Talk, Mailing lists, Bitcoin Optech and more.

Website offering concise, summarized information and quick guides about various aspects of Bitcoin development for easy understanding and reference.

A historical record of transcripts associated with Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

Comprehensive knowledge base featuring of a dictionary of terms specifically related to Bitcoin and Bitcoin development.

PDF document providing an in-depth developer reference guide for Bitcoin, curated by Jameson Lopp.

GitHub repository offering a comprehensive guide and resource list for individuals interested in Bitcoin development.

Official documentation from Lightning Labs on how to use and build on LND, Lightning Terminal, Loop, Pool as well as those developing their own LAPPS.

Website dedicated to documenting Bitcoin opcodes, offering a comprehensive resource for understanding each opcode one at a time.

Open-source project offering detailed explanations and examples to help individuals learn Bitcoin development.

Github repository dedicated to the development of Lightning Service Provider (LSP) specifications, which aim to enhance interoperability and create a standardized framework for extending Lightning Network functionalities.

Curated collection of articles, guides, and resources focused on various technical topics within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Platform where upcoming changes to Bitcoin Core are peer-reviewed, providing an in-depth look at the development process.

GitHub repository that contains curated notes and insights into Bitcoin protocol and its development.

Repository covering Layer 2+ standards and best practices for solutions that can be implemented on the Bitcoin blockchain without requiring forks, focusing on applications like financial assets and messaging without altering Bitcoin's core incentives or relying on other blockchains.

Collaborative effort aimed at improving the user experience and design quality across the Bitcoin ecosystem, offering design guidelines, resources, and community discussions.

Unified API specifications for Fiat on-ramps to create interoperability and easier integration of multiple on and offramps into apps.

Set of specifications for web apps and client providers to facilitate communication with Bitcoin & Lightning wallets.


Published books that offer in-depth information and insights into various areas of Bitcoin and/or Lightning Network development, often serving as comprehensive references.

Mastering Bitcoin

Comprehensive guide to understanding the technical aspects of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos
Mastering the Lightning Network

In-depth exploration of the Lightning Network, covering its architecture, protocols, and use-cases.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Olaoluwa Osuntokun, Rene Pickhardt
Programming Bitcoin

Offers a hands-on approach to learning Bitcoin programming, focusing on Python examples to explain the fundamentals of blockchain and bitcoin.

Jimmy Song
Programming the Blockchain in C#

Online GitBook providing tutorials and technical insights into bitcoin development using the C# library NBitcoin.

BTCPay Team
BTC Philosophy

Guide for new Bitcoin developers who already understand the basics but want to level up by gaining a deeper understanding of Bitcoin’s design trade-offs and philosophy.

Kalle Rosenbaum, Linnéa Rosenbaum
Bitcoin Textbook

GitHub repository for the Bitcoin Textbook provides a comprehensive educational guide covering both the basics and advanced topics in Bitcoin development.

Grokking Bitcoin

In-depth resource that breaks down complex Bitcoin topics into understandable terms, aimed at helping people grasp the inner workings of Bitcoin.

Kalle Rosenbaum


Formal educational programs, either online or in-person, that offer a structured curriculum covering various aspects of Bitcoin and/or Lightning Network development.


Lectures and training sessions aimed at Bitcoin developers.


In-depth workshops and materials for aspiring Bitcoin developers.


GitHub repository by Chaincode Labs that provides a curriculum and resources for learning Bitcoin development.


GitHub repository from Chaincode Labs providing educational resources and lessons for developers looking to get started with Lightning Network development.


Online course offering a foundational understanding of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, available for free.


Online courses and workshops focused on Bitcoin and blockchain topics.

Free + Paid

Learning resources and workshops for understanding Bitcoin protocol and programming.

Free + Paid

Online platform offering courses on various cryptocurrency topics, including Bitcoin and blockchain development.

Free + Paid

Educational platform offering courses and resources designed to teach users about Bitcoin.


Educational website that provides courses and resources focusing on Bitcoin.


Training Programs & Bootcamps

Programs designed to provide mentorship and training resources for developers looking to get into the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Intensive program aimed at onboarding developers into the Bitcoin ecosystem, occasionally providing stipends.

Global, online summer internship program focused on introducing university students to bitcoin open-source development and design.

Innovative program offering a two-month immersive experience for developers in the Bitcoin and Nostr ecosystems, focusing on building applications, mentorship, and fostering innovation for a self-sovereign future.


Programs that evaluate the skills and knowledge of developers through examinations, resulting in a certification that validates proficiency in Bitcoin and/or Lightning Network development.


Interactive online quiz consisting of 64 rapid-fire questions designed to assess an individual's knowledge and understanding of Bitcoin.

Certification program focused on proving an individual's knowledge and application skills in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, including Bitcoin.

Online certification program designed to equip individuals with advanced knowledge and skills in Bitcoin technology, its uses, and its impact.