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What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is changing the way people think about money because for the first time in history we have a globally accessible, censorship-resistant currency that is not controlled by any single bank, corporation or government and thus cannot be debased, seized, weaponized or corrupted.

What Is Lightning?

Lightning is Bitcoin's 2nd layer network offering instant global settlement facilitating instant payments and the ability to issue and trade taproot assets on-chain. Lightning connects bitcoin to every other payment network on the planet furthering its reach while enhancing its scalability.

Why "Bitcoin Not Crypto"?

"Bitcoin not crypto" is a phrase often used to distinguish Bitcoin from other cryptocurrencies, emphasizing the unique attributes and properties that make Bitcoin truly special such as its fixed supply, global & instant verifiability and truly decentralized nature to name a few.

About BitcoinDev.org

BitcoinDev.org is a community funded website created by Vortex with the sole purpose of on-boarding new developers into the bitcoin ecosystem. All donations are appreciated and go towards maintaining and improving the website.

Here you can always find links to the latest and most popular libraries in your favorite programming languages to get started building bitcoin into your own applications. All the information on this website was meant to be consumed by developers and so it is extremely technical.

If you're new to bitcoin please consider visiting bitcoin.org to learn more about the world's first and only open, borderless, decentralized and censorship-resistant ledger, currency and settlement network.

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