Development Resources

Libraries & SDKs

Software libraries and Software Development Kits offering foundational code for building Bitcoin applications.


The original and most widely used software client for the Bitcoin network, written in C++, providing high security, reliability, and stability for processing transactions and managing the decentralized blockchain.


Rust-based library for Bitcoin developers, aiming to provide high-level APIs for building Bitcoin wallets and other Bitcoin applications.


Python library providing a comprehensive set of tools and APIs for Bitcoin development.


Comprehensive Bitcoin library for the .NET framework.


JavaScript library for Bitcoin protocol, ideal for building Bitcoin-based client-side applications.


Full stack library for Bitcoin applications written in JavaScript.


Java-based library for Bitcoin applications, particularly well-suited for lightweight clients.


Comprehensive Bitcoin solution written in Go language, featuring a secure and high-performance architecture with a separate client (p2p node) and deterministic wallet alongside a set of useful tools.


Minimalistic Python library designed for Bitcoin and Lightning protocol manipulation, aiming for ease of use and extensibility.


Scala-based Bitcoin library that provides tools and functionalities, including a robust API for building Bitcoin applications and platforms.


Flutter library for the above Bitcoin Development Kit.


Libraries to help you build your own wallet with privacy features like CoinJoin.


Library that allows you to build complex multisig without worrying and low level using Taproot and Schnorr Signatures.


Platform offering a blueprint for building a censorship-resistant and permissionless global marketplace, integrating Nostr's design and the Lightning Network's architecture.


APIs & Payments

Tools and platforms that facilitate the integration of Bitcoin payments in applications.


Open-source, self-hosted payment processor that allows you to accept Bitcoin payments.

Open-source self-hosted API allowing you to spawn and call your encrypted overlay network of dockerized Bitcoin and crypto software projects.

Simple and powerful REST API that enables businesses and developers to seamlessly accept Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments within their applications.

Though primarily known as a Canadian Bitcoin brokerage, BullBitcoin offers an API for automated Bitcoin purchases and integration into various applications and services.

A hosted version of the open source infrastructure known as GaloyMoney originally created for the Bitcoin Beach Wallet.

Global payments platform that enables seamless integration of real-money and bitcoin transactions into games and social networks.

Lightweight, Python-based API that allows businesses and developers to integrate Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments with minimal setup.

Set of APIs and libraries for working with Bitcoin.

Open source project that aims to develop the standard for Bitcoin banking originally built as the foundation for the Bitcoin Beach Wallet.

RESTful API that enables businesses and developers to easily integrate Bitcoin payment functionalities into their systems.

The API provides tools for interacting with the Bitcoin blockchain, offering functionalities like transaction broadcasting, block data retrieval, and address queries.

Layer 2 - Smart Contracts & Scaling

Technologies that enable extended functionalities like smart contracts and second-layer solutions on top of the Bitcoin network.


GitHub repository by Lightning Labs that provides assets and resources related to Taproot, an upgrade to the Bitcoin protocol.

Blockchain programming language designed for smart contracts and can be used in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges, facilitating faster Bitcoin transactions and enabling the issuance of additional digital assets.

Enables the issuance and transfer of digital assets and tokens on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, without altering Bitcoin's base layer.

Sidechain that mirrors Ethereum's functionality, secured by Bitcoin's hash power, supporting smart contracts and dApps while leveraging Bitcoin's security model.

Statechain based scaling tech that enables private keys for BTC deposits (UTXOs) to be transferred securely between owners offchain.

Second-layer solution designed to help scale Bitcoin transactions not by using state channels or a rollups but by using a shared utxo model that enables anonymous, off-chain payments through an untrusted intermediary called the Ark Service Provider (ASP).

Research project for an approach to bitcoin smart contracts that only require relatively minimal changes, while allowing very general constructions.

Scalability solution for Bitcoin where transaction execution is moved off-chain, but the data and proof of validity are stored on-chain.

Scalability solution for Bitcoin that involves creating a parallel system for managing and processing transactions, potentially allowing Bitcoin to handle a larger volume of transactions more quickly and efficiently than its current architecture.

Open-source protocol designed to enhance Bitcoin's privacy and scalability by leveraging federated Chaumian mints, which allow for collaborative custody and increased transactional anonymity.

Smart contract programming language designed for use with covenants and OP_CTV.

Node Software

Software that validates bitcoin transactions.


Reference implementation of the Bitcoin protocol providing a robust set of developer tools.

Alternative full node implementation in Go, designed to be compatible with Bitcoin Core.

Set of cross-platform C++ libraries for building Bitcoin applications.

Bitcoin client written in JavaScript by

Derivative of Bitcoin Core that includes a variety of enhancements and additional features.

User-friendly desktop application designed to simplify the process of running a Bitcoin and Lightning Network node.

Lightweight fully-validating Bitcoin node powered by Utreexo, which includes an integrated Electrum Server.

Node Hardware

Hardware running a variety of bitcoin and lightning node software and services.


Personal server solutions, enabling individuals to host their own Bitcoin and Lightning Network services privately and securely without technical expertise.

Easy-to-use and feature-rich Bitcoin and Lightning Network nodes, empowering users to join and participate in the Bitcoin network with minimal setup.

Robust hardware and software solutions for individuals and businesses seeking to operate their own Bitcoin nodes and financial services.

User-friendly, personal Bitcoin and Lightning nodes, enabling individuals to easily run and manage their own decentralized financial services.

Explorers & Analytics

Software that allows you to view transactions and other information about the bitcoin network in real time.


Open-source block explorer for Bitcoin.

Blockchain analytics platform that offers an API for querying transaction data, enabling deeper insights into Bitcoin blockchain activity.

Simple, self-hosted explorer for the Bitcoin blockchain, provided via web and RPC.

Open-source Bitcoin blockchain explorer with complete REST and WebSocket APIs, focusing on transactions in the mempool.

Graph database management system designed for storing and querying connected data, emphasizing performance, flexibility, and the intuitive modeling of complex relationships.


Sets of tools ranging from transaction simulation and script exploration to blockchain visualization and code integrity verification.


Cross-platform, cross-language collection of useful primitives for Bitcoin wallets.

GitHub repository offering a collection of tools to manipulate and construct Bitcoin transactions.

Tool built in Go for debugging Bitcoin Tapscript transactions allowing you to play with Bitcoin script primitives and visualize the VM state as scripts are executed.

GitHub repository that contains tools aimed at making Bitcoin transactions more flexible and functional.

Language for writing Bitcoin Scripts in a structured, compositional way.

Interactive tool created by Jameson Lopp designed to help users easily create custom configuration files for their Bitcoin Core nodes.

Offline suite of tools for low-level operations with Bitcoin, like forging transactions or tinkering with scripts.

Online interactive platform that allows users to experiment with Bitcoin Script and transactions.

Repository for reproducible Build Proofs, aimed at enhancing the integrity and security of various Bitcoin projects.

Web-based platform designed to simulate Bitcoin transactions for educational purposes.

Bitcoin multi-custody protocol for spending policies and proposal execution using nostr for discovering signers, saving policies and PSBTs.

Collection of Nix packages and NixOS modules for easily installing full-featured Bitcoin nodes with an emphasis on security.

Platform offering automated Bitcoin transaction broadcasting, similar to IFTTT, simplifying the process of managing and executing Bitcoin transactions.

Web-based tool for exploring and understanding Bitcoin Script.

Bitcoin blockchain explorer that provides a visual representation of the mempool, transactions, and blocks.

End-to-end Bitcoin wallet backing server, hosted on GitHub and developed by Samourai Wallet.

Software Wallets

Software used to store and spend bitcoin.


The original Bitcoin wallet, also serving as a full node, that provides high levels of security, privacy, and stability.


Mobile and desktop wallet featuring multi-signature security, hardware wallet support, and integration with the Liquid Network.

iOS, Android & Desktop

Mobile-focused Bitcoin and Lightning wallet designed for ease of use, featuring a user-friendly interface and multiple storage options.

iOS Android, MacOS

Lightweight desktop Bitcoin wallet that offers speed and low resource usage, while also providing advanced features like cold storage and multi-signature support.

Desktop, Android

Mobile multisig Bitcoin wallet offering state-of-the-art security features, ease of use, and a variety of collaborative custody options.

iOS & Android

Bitcoin wallet that focuses on transparency and usability, featuring advanced features like coin selection and multisig setups.


Mobile wallet designed for advanced users, allowing full control over a Bitcoin Core node via its intuitive interface.


Privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet that integrates CoinJoin technology for enhanced anonymity.


Android wallet focused on privacy and security, featuring built-in VPN and Tor support, as well as advanced transaction options.


User-friendly and accessible Lightning Network wallet that allows for instant, fee-minimal Bitcoin transactions, aiming to provide a simple interface for entering into the world of Bitcoin and Lightning payments.

iOS, Android

Lightweight desktop Bitcoin wallet that offers speed and low resource usage, while also providing advanced features like cold storage and multi-signature support.

Desktop, Android

Mobile Bitcoin and Lightning wallet aiming for simplicity and ease of use, featuring seamless Lightning Network integration for fast and low-fee transactions.

iOS & Android

Comprehensive Bitcoin toolkit that goes beyond being just a wallet offering features that allow users to have control over their money, profiles, contacts, and web accounts.

iOS & Android

Mobile Bitcoin wallet that offers advanced privacy and security features, as well as hardware wallet integration and backup options.

iOS & Android

Free, open-source Bitcoin wallet and toolkit designed for learning, featuring offline address creation, multisignature support, and privacy-enhanced transactions with TOR support​.


Free, open-source Bitcoin wallet opearting on Bitcoin's testnet, allowing users to experiment and learn about Bitcoin in a risk-free environment.


Hardware Wallets

Hardware used to store and spend bitcoin.


Hardware wallet with a strong focus on security and open-source software, designed for cold storage of Bitcoin.

Software tool designed for use with the Coldcard hardware wallet in Hardware Security Module (HSM) mode. It enables automated, rule-based signing of Bitcoin transactions, allowing the Coldcard to sign transactions without manual confirmation.

One of the first hardware wallets, providing a secure and user-friendly way to store and manage various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

Specializing in open-source hardware products for Bitcoin and the decentralized internet, including hardware wallets and nodes.

DIY open-source hardware wallet solution that allows users to securely generate and store their Bitcoin seed phrases.

Minimalist hardware wallet that provides a bitcoin-only version, emphasizing security and simplicity for users to safely store and manage their Bitcoin assets.

Self-custody bitcoin wallet with an app, hardware, and recovery tools.

Additional Research

Additional research and analysis advancing our understanding of bitcoin including on-chain insights, policy research, experimental development projects and more.


In-depth analysis and research on Bitcoin providing comprehensive on-chain market intelligence used for understanding market trends and dynamics.

Extensive collection of in-depth research articles and analyses on various aspects of Bitcoin featuring best-in-class evidence-based reports.​

Think tank that conducts research and advocacy to enhance understanding of Bitcoin and monetary networks, focusing on issues like national security, financial inclusion, human rights, and the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining.

Tool to launch a simulated bitcoin network for monitoring and analyzing emergent behavior in order to increase security and prevent possible threats on the live bitcoin network.

Privacy-focused, scalable smart contract system for Bitcoin, using a unique Schnorr signature-based protocol that minimizes trust in oracles providing external data.

Provides detailed information relating to BIP 119 including specs, pull requests, workshops, use cases, signaling and much more.

Provides detailed overviews of various covenant use cases and consensus change proposals, such as ANYPREVOUT, Template Key, CTV, and others.

Proposal of using a new 'CHECKSIGFROMSTACK' operation for signature verification of message arguments, enabling the creation of Bitcoin Script programs that restrict fund usage.

Python script for creating a decentralized and trustless way to calculate Bitcoin price using a novel UTXO-based approach.

Novel computing paradigm for expressing Turing-complete Bitcoin contracts without altering the network's consensus rules, leveraging a system where computations are verified rather than executed on Bitcoin.

Proof-of-concept implementation of BitVM for bristol circuits.             

Proof-of-concept turing complete 8-bit VM allowing you to write BitVM programs in assembly.

Efficient, decentralized file hosting protocol incentivized through Bitcoin payments that utilizes off-chain transactions, verifiable encryption, and a bond contract to ensure integrity and fairness in file transfers.

Platform offering an open standard for blockchain-based timestamping, enabling users to prove the existence of documents or data prior to a specific point in time.

Platform designed for the monetization of APIs using Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, featuring the innovative L402 protocol for efficient and profitable digital transactions between API providers and consumers.

Numbering scheme for satoshis that allows for tracking and transferring individual units by assining numbers to satoshis based on the order they are mined and transferred, without requiring additional tokens or changes to Bitcoin.

Protocol enabling large files that can fit into a single QR to be sent as a series of QR codes (an "animated QR").

Project aiming to simplify the creation and management of developer environments used to compile and test Bitcoin software, such as Bitcoin Core.